Probate Services



Being appointed as an executor and having to sort out the deceased’s will and estate can be very difficult at a distressing time.
So friendly help from an expert in dealing with the probate process can often be a very welcome relief.  We can help you through the whole process and give you peace of mind that everything will be sorted in a sensitive way.
Sue Beverton holds the SWAT UK Certificate In Probate And Estate Administration.  She would work with you providing you with a first class service that would include expert guidance on the probate process and probate law, the calculation of inheritance tax, the completion of probate and inheritance tax forms and liaising with the Probate Office, HMRC and other parties on your behalf.


Overview of Our Services
  • Full advice and guidance on the whole probate process
  • Help with registering the death and applying for a Grant Of Probate
  • Identify and value assets within the estate
  • Identify and calculate any debts
  • Notify beneficiaries
  • Calculate Inheritance tax liabilities, prepare inheritance tax accounts & returns, & complete the relevant Probate Forms
  • Help to maximise gains to the chosen beneficiaries and minimise tax liabilities
  • Liaising with The Probate Office, HMRC and other parties and submitting your returns and forms
  • Help you to finally distribute the assets to the beneficiaries


For More Information, Please Contact Us 

Sue Beverton would be very pleased to discuss our comprehensive services with you and to answer all your questions.
Please contact her:
Tel: 07704 103032

We look forward to hearing from you.